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Wooden plates

Rs.650 Rs.550

Durable:- wooden plates are durable & easily washable, these plates are nontoxic in nature.

Size:- W- 10 inches x L – 10 Inches

Gifts:-Best Diwali gifts & home decor item, these products are used for corporate gifting due
to organic in nature, When Compared Melamine Vs Wooden Utensil -Wooden utensil are doesn’t affect urinary
bladder like melamine

Hand Made :- These plates are hand made by artisans of North East, India.

100% Natural:- These products are 100% natural, these don’t cause any harm to the human body, like Aluminium:- Which cause damage to bone & brain.

Hot Selling Products: This is our hot selling products, we are registered MSME, we are registered with Indian Export Council

100 in stock


Wooden plates are beautifully handcrafted. Wooden plates are handcrafted by the artisan of Nagaland.

These wooden plates are made of teak wood.

Wooden plates are 100% natural and have no harmful effects on the body.


It is very easy to maintain wooden plates.

It can be cleaned with mild liquid soap.

In order to maintain luster, apply mustard oil & keep in sun.

Don’t keep in the sun for too long


Wooden plates are used for eating rice | chappatis


Size:-W- 10 inches x L – 10 Inches


The wooden fruit stand is purchased along with wooden plates



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