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Naga Spice Blend (Bottle) 45 gm

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  • Multi Purpose spices Mix (A concoction of various spices blended together).
  • The spices mixed in this packet are locally grown and sourced, and contains no artificial flavors.
  • This blend can be used in making BBQ marinades, stir fry, Cury, Sauces etc.
  • Ingredients:Dry Bambooshoot powder, Roselle Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Powder Onion Powder, Local Chilli Powder, Dry King Chilli powder, Zanthozylum Seed Powder, Sawtooth coriander powder, Naga Basil powder.

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Naga spice blend is a multi purpose spices mix.Spices mixed in this packet are locally grown and sourced.This blend contains no artificial flavors.Use this spice blend in making BBQ marinades,Curry,Sauces etc.



Dry Bambooshoot powder,Roselle Powder,Garlic Powder,Ginger Powder,Onion Powder,Local Chilli Powder,Dry King Chilli powder,Zanthozylum Seed Powder,Sawtooth coriander powder,Naga Basil powder.


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