Gifthykoko is a handicraft company from Dimapur,Nagaland. It is known as  North East in India.It is known for its scenic beauty.It has always been acknowledged for it rich heritage & culture.The wooden items are made of natural products such as bamboo, wood, cane & terracotta. We are showcasing handmade food products, wooden utensils & wooden products, corporate gifts.These products are curated by Indian artisans.Main focus is to promote Indian art work of North – East. Also, promote natural products to decrease use of plastics.

Gifthykoko Best Indian Handicraft

Products on gifthykoko are handcrafted.About us, is regarding acknowledgement as best handicraft company & best handicraft company in Dimapur. About us is also about being referred as best handicraft company in India,best handicraft company in Delhi.This is a platform to showcase our artist mastery on the craft and promoting natural products.Secondly,it is the medium to propagate healthy lifestyle.It is an effort to create an Indian handicraft brand of superior quality & products.It is the result  of hard work of Mrs. Chanchibeni Gifthy. Gifthykoko is em-paneled with Indian Export CouncilEPCH. It is also registrered with MSME .MSME is a very good initiative of Government of India.Mr. Chanchibeni Gifthy has also attended training’s on MSME & export provided by MSME department. Goal of gifthykoko is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers through natural products.

Mrs. Chanchibeni Gifthy has more 5 years of experience in handicraft and is passionate about providing world class products to its customers..

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.Use our Contact Us page to contact us.