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Gifthy becomes favorite of Nagaland Post

Through her endeavor gifthykoko, Gifthy is becoming favorite of all. Now, Nagaland Post:—-

had written an article on Gifthykoko. It is very important for a lady from Dimapur, Nagaland, to spearhead the woman entrepreneur campaign. Gifthykoko is now known for its wooden utensils & home decor items.Without getting any government support, even though Gifthykoko is registered with MSME & IEC, gifthykoko has come a long way.

Gifthykoko is manufacturer of handicraft products, wooden utensils, home decor items and organic products. In a very short span of time, gifthykoko has come a very long way, it is now standing in line with some of the top home decor & handicraft brands in India & world.

Mrs.Chanchibeni Gifthy’s achievement in establishing a company from a seed capital of INR 25K , from her own earnings and generating 100% profits , is remarkable. The company is growing at a good pace & will achieve its desired goal in coming time.

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