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Rock Bee Honey 350 ml

Rs.1445 Rs.875

Benefits of honey:-

  • Health benefits: –Good for digestive problems &used for removing acne scars.
  • Source: – This honey is sourced from Nagaland Farms
  • 100% pure & free from adulteration.
  • It has got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory affects

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Rock Bee Honey 350 ml is made by rock bees. It has got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Collection of Honey 

This Rock bee honey is collected by villagers of Nagaland. It is one of the purest honey available. Rock bees create colonies below rock cliffs and trunks of huge trees, usually inaccessible to people. They are a dependable source of honey.

Rock Bee Honey -Corporate Gift

Rock Bee Honey is the best Corporate gift. It can be a gift to friends & family.


We recommend buying a spoon & spatula 





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